Katy, TX- Texas Apartments

Jul 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Katy is a city which is located within the great state of Texas. Katy is situated within the Houston, Sugarland and Baytown Metropolitan area. Parts of Katy are located within Harris county, Waller County and Fort Bend county. According to the United States Census in 2000, the population of Katy City was 11,775. There are essentially two different informal sections of Katy, according to Katy residents. The first section is Old Katy, also known as Katy Proper. The second section is Katy Area. The actual City of Katy is Katy Proper, and is the area which lies north of the United States Interstate 10. This part of Katy is from the 1970s, which is when Houston’s Energy Corridor began to move west, and the development of Katy went along with it.

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